SEAVIEWS, “SEctor Adaptive Virtual Early Warning System for Marine Pollution”


The project SEAVIEWS, “SEctor Adaptive Virtual Early Warning System for Marine Pollution” aims at promoting andenhancing the capacity of transnational collaborations tackling environmental vulnerability, fragmentation and the safeguarding of ecosystem services in the wider Adriatic area. The SEAVIEWS project will bring together stakeholders from 6 partner states; namely Greece, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy and Slovenia.

The first output of the project refers to the development of a transnational repository network that will receive, store andanalyse data about the sea water quality from a network of smart sensors allocated in critical points. Individuals will also be ableto post real time observations regarding marine pollution using an application. Big data analytics tools will be incorporatedmaking this an innovative virtual early warning system for preventing and managing the marine pollution from various sources. Within this network will be marine pollution hubs are proposed. These digital labs will be established and will be used as channels, so information, data analysis and research results to be circulated to the broader society. The ultimate goal of this output is to promote through the network the people’s understanding and sensitivity and therefore, engage them in the prevention of marine pollution.

The second output is targeting to the amendment of the macroregional action plan. Through the engagement of the national
and regional authorities, the ultimate goal of the SEAVIEWS is to strengthen the marine environmental protection by
implementing tools such as the big data for enhancing the marine environmental protection. In this context, an Industrial
Committee will be established and evaluate and propose improvement actions by incorporating a dynamic decision policy
process. Reaching its targets, SEAVIEWS could transform the Adriatic-Ionian Sea to the so called meta-national pioneer.